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Tips for Serious Success in QfS – Hey that Rhymes!

While a lot of game play in the world of Freemium Grinders is similar, there are specific tricks and steps you can take — and good habits you should form — that will lead to major success in the genre in general and in this game specifically!

Here are our Tips for Serious Success in QfS


0. STOP THE STORY!!! If Your Game is New
If you have just started the game and you have not yet progressed beyond Bonnie Swanson then STOP DOING THE STORY MISSIONS NOW.

The reason you should do that is simple – early in the game the timers are set incredibly short (to 6 seconds) for the short tasks for Peter, Chris, and Bonnie.

Each of their short tasks earns them $6 and 3XP for 6s of clock. That means every 6s or thereabouts you can be earning $15 and 9 XP (3XP per character) and 9 Town XP as well. You are NEVER going to be in this position again where you can earn Coin and XP that easily that quickly. Ever.

So why not take advantage of it? Get an audio book to listen to and do a marathon session of short tasks! Seriously! Want to know why?

Throughout the game there are a lot of Quests and Buildings/Objects that are Level related. By getting a fast (if unfair) jump here, what you end up doing is carving out a major advantage for yourself that is well worth the time you spend doing it. Just saying….

If you have already passed the point where they have 6s jobs it is too late to use this cheat.


Being an XP focused game, leveling your characters is more important than leveling your town

1. Never Go to Bed Hungry
What we mean by that is when you sign off of the game for the day, be sure that you have selected a Task for every character that is at least as long as the time you will spend away from the game as you sleep, perform your morning ablutions, make the commute to work, and you get the idea.

Basically your Characters — ALL of your characters — should NEVER be idle. Ever.

If you end up with Quest that is part of the story that is long, save that for when you are about to sign off and then start it, then make sure everyone else has a quest going that is equal to or longer than it.

This is something even veteran gamers often forget to do – so make this one of your good habits in play!


2. Social Networks Are Our Friends!
And oddly enough our friends are on Social Networks! Seriously, QfS has the ability to link in your Facebook AND your Google Accounts and we strongly recommend you do that for several reasons.

Facebook: Is used for the social side of the game. When you add a friends Quahog to your game you did it because they have the game and they have Facebook and both are linked! This game uses your Facebook Account and its Friend List for creating social links in the metaverse.

LINK that account! You can also pick up extra stuff in your Quest for stuff that way. More on that elsewhere.

Google+: As with Facebook Google+ is also supported and linkable. We strongly suggest you do that, since they have said that they will be offering special objects and events to players who are linked to their social networks.

So link up bah-dee!

Completing Quests and Missions will mostly get you Coins and XP – and you will need a LOT of Coins and XP!


3. The Great Builder Debacle
Think of that Builder’s Shack as your local Home Depot…. When you need day labor you drive down to your local Home Depot in the Ay-Em and you hire from the crowd standing around looking for a job for the day — well same deal but different.

When you start playing you have access to one (1) Builder. That means you can only build ONE project at a time, whether that is a building, or clearing land. ONE.

As you begin to increase your momentum in the game you are quickly going to reach a point where you want to build more than one project at a time – but here is the rub, getting more Builders means spending Clams.

Now the good news is that while the social network is down they allow you to visit Ollieland — the computer-controlled default town that is in every single game of QfS.

When you visit you are guarenteed that at least ONE of the check-marked three daily tasks you can do there will reward you with a Clam.

In addition to that leveling up gets you Clams, and completing major tasks ALSO gets you Clams. The point to all this? Well the point is you can easily save up the Clams you need for at least one more Builder pretty painlessly, since he will only cost you 50 Clams for the first bump up.

Even if you only ever buy that second Builder it is still double your building power mates!


4. If You Don’t Use It You Lose It!
No, seriously — if you are going to be actively logged into the game and playing you are better off doing lots of short Quests while you are there — because they always net you more XP and Coin than waiting out long Quests in the long run!

Remember when you know you will be logged out of the game, pick Quests that will eat the time you are absent, but when you are logged IN to the game, do lots of shorties!


5. NEVER Be a Fool, Fool! Clams Not Coins.
If you are actually going to spend real-world money in this game, NEVER buy Coins. Coins you can get for free — all it takes is time. Clams on the other hand? Well, not so much…

If you feel the need to spend real-world money do it on Clams, because you will find that penny-for-penny they are the better value.


Leveling characters is a major element of progress and so is leveling your Quahog…

6. Why For You In A Hurry?
Here is the deal – Clams are great for rushing tasks to complete Quests… But that begs the question why are you in such a hurry?

If you have Clams — and you will since you are saving them up from your visits to the metaverse and for the big Quests you complete — the idea is to save them up until you can buy the big ticket items you need — like additional Builders or that cool building / object / item you have always wanted.

Resist the temptation to use your Clams to speed things up.

Note that *we* do use them that way, but only because we are writing this guide and need to speed things along to build content here — just because we do it and tell you not to does not mean we are wrong!

Also, NEVER allow that little ******* on your left shoulder to over-rule that hot chick on your right shoulder — she is telling you to save your Clams, while he is saying things like “Hey you don’t have the amount you need but you DO have enough to speed that task up! Speed it up! Speed it UP!”

And she’s like, “No no, oh no Space Cowboy! We is saving them Clams for bigger and better things… Resist the temptation and don’t listen to Jane, he gives bad advice, just ask Captain Mel! No, save your Clams and I will show you my nugs…” she whispers in your ear.

Well maybe not YOUR ear, but definitely MINE.


7. Build for Bang Baby!
When you are building because you have the Coin and cleared land you usually have a choice about which building(s) you will be buying and building, right?

Well here is the thing, not all Buildings were created equal. And yes, her left nug really is smaller than her right…

Take a look at the following short list of Buildings — and their income — and you will see what we mean:

Average Office ($300) 4 XP/h and $6/h
Common Office ($150) 5 XP/h and $10/h
Typical Office ($250) 5 XP/h and $7/h

So there you have three office Buildings — and you want to build one — so which do you build? Well it turns out that the cheapest one to build ALSO happens to pay the best in XP and Coin — hey that is a bonus because trust me it rarely actually works out that way — so there you go, that is what we mean by our patented and trademarked catchphrase “Build for Bang Baby!”

The waitress will pass around the hat for tips – be generous.


The virtual world of Quahog has its own virtual Internet – including FaceSpace!

8. Information is Power
One of the most obvious weaknesses in some of our mates games is their failure to make use of the information tools in the game. For example keeping your Characters — ALL of your characters — on the Level Train is really a good idea, and keeping track of which ones are behind can help you to decide which to give individual and special attention to — but you gotta know mate!

Thankfully those righteous blokes at Tiny & Co put a tool in the game to give you that power: it is called FaceSpace!

Open it right now and take a look at the basic display: See that little gold star in the bottom-left-hand corner? That is the Level for that character. Now you have a single-page levels-at-a-glance info source and how about that?

Do you need to know which Characters still have Outfits to be unlocked? Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to tell? There is! It is called FaceSpace — when you open that app and tap the individual characters among other information you have access to is the display of their presently unlocked outfits AND the locked ones.

Now you know what to work on and where to best focus your precious game play time!


9. Use Your Inventory!
Here is the thing – there will come times when you need to place a new building and you don’t have the room. Sure you can wait and wait while you clear the space — OR — you can pick a low income building and throw it into your Inventory (storage) then build that new one right away!

Then you have the option of clearing some land while that is building, thus accomplishing lots of lots with little effort thanks to that nasty whore we call Inventory!

Hey, I call that win-win!


10. Make an Effort to Experience Your XP
The title of this final tip may be a bit confusing — basically what we are saying is the race to grind out levels both for the City of Quahog AND for each character often causes players to embrace a sort of tunnel-vision when it comes to all of the spiffy things that those levels deliver and offer.

That being the case, one of the most important tips that we can give is to pause with each level-up and smell the roses!

Depending upon the level unlocked — and the character you unlocked it with — there can be some fun Unlocks involved.


When we discover additional and important tips to add to the list we will actually will add them — sure it will change the nice round and poetic number, but we’ll do it anyway because hey, that’s how we roll!

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